Downtown Denver Business Improvement District Annual Report

When tasked with creating the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District’s (BID) 2015 Annual Report, it was important to me to create a final product that was more user friendly than previous versions. Past annual reports were ten panel brochures that were cumbersome to handle and displayed poorly on digital devices. I refreshed the report by transitioning it to a booklet style that was easier to read whether viewing the report digitally or reading a hard copy.

Additionally, for the past several years the report contained a series of bullet points with data that was updated each year. In order to better tell the story of the BID I incorporated short paragraphs that highlight important accomplishments and place them in the broader context of the BID’s work. To create a consistent narrative, I developed the theme for the document which tells the story of how the BID is inviting, vibrant and thriving.

I upgraded the bullet point lists that had been previously used to infographics, creating a more engaging user experience and developing material that can be repurposed across the BID’s communications channels.

2015 BID Annual Report

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