Five parts messaging expert + three cups strategic communications leader + a sprinkle of Lemonade

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Hi there! If my name in large letters atop this page wasn’t enough of a tip off, I’m Caty.

Growing up, while the other kids were squeezing lemons for the neighborhood lemonade stand I was the weirdo obsessing over which yellow crayon was the best for the sign and whether the term ‘freshly squeezed’ or ‘organic’ would create the most buzz. My passion for communications and marketing has only grown since my lemonade days.

As an award-winning strategic communications consultant, I’m committed to helping businesses develop compelling content, build and engage digital communities and see their names in the bright lights (okay, maybe just see their names in really killer media placements). Above all, I am a data-driven communicator and strive to help my clients identify the best bang for their buck and experience the direct ROI tied to thoughtfully planned and expertly executed communications strategies.

After hours, you can find me earning my turns high in the Rocky Mountains, searching for the best chile rellenos in Colorado (I’m looking at you, Morrison Inn) and enjoying meandering walks through Downtown Denver with my dog Chuck.