Winter in the City

Never one to back away from a new project, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to re-imagine Downtown Denver Business Improvement District’s Winter in the City campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to establish Downtown Denver as a regional destination during the holiday season. Previous marketing materials utilized the slogan, “Eat. Shop. Play. Stay.” along with the winter in the city logo. However, this campaign had two critical challenges: it failed to connect with consumers in a meaningful way and it was focused in the Downtown area, failing to target consumers who do not live or work Downtown.

Recognizing these challenges, I worked with an agency to develop a campaign that showcased all the opportunities Downtown Denver offers during the holiday season and encouraged consumers to envision the perfect winter day in the center city. The resulting collateral materials tell a more comprehensive story about Downtown’s offerings. In addition to traditional ad buys with the Denver Post and Westword I also expanded the campaign to include advertisements in community newspapers throughout the state, with the goal of attracting additional demographics.

As you can see in the samples below the Winter in the City Guide retained the former branding due to budgetary constraints. I look forward to updating the Guide to the new branding in 2017!

Denver Post Insert

Winter in the City Guide

Only Downtown Denver Special Editions: Winter in the City

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