Instagrammability Consulting

What is Instagrammability? It’s the reason your customers choose a travel destination,  select a competitor’s restaurant over yours and visit storefront retail locations.

In today’s highly visual world where consumers document every waking moment of their day, Instagrammability means giving your customers a reason to visit and share their experience at your business on social media, exposing your brand to new customers in the process.

Whether your brand is just launching a brick-and-mortar location, or your business is struggling to attract foot traffic, it is imperative that your brand build Instagrammable experiences into your customer journey.

Drawing on my deep understanding of the factors that motivate consumers to visit real-world locations and share photos and videos of their experience on social media, I help help brands identify ways to create social selling opportunities. Armed with a knowledge of up-and-coming trends, I can help your brand get ahead of the pack and attract new customers with instagrammable experiences.

I offer the following services to help your brand increase its Instagrammability:

Space Consulting

Want to ensure customers keep walking through your door? Incorporate instagrammable moments into your space through interior design, artwork, furniture and unique customer experience touchpoints is essential to staying relevant in today’s food and beverage, hospitality and retail landscape.

Menu Consulting

The rise of food trends like massive milkshakes and rainbow bagels showcase how being at the forefront of a viral food trend fueled by social media can benefit your business. Optimizing your menu to include Instagrammable items results in social sharing that drives new customers to your location.

Pop-Up Event Consulting

Attending industry festivals, conferences and events is a good way to get your brand in front of new customers. What’s even better? Having an eye-catching space and experience at these events that inspires the audience to share images of your brand on social media, even further broadening your brand’s reach.